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Pink String Wish Bracelet

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Pink String

Wish Bracelet

A bracelet made with the intention to help you to manifest your desires. Wearing one assists manifestation and aids the “Law of Attraction”—the ability to affect whatever we are focusing on in our lives.

How to use:
1. Set intention.
2. Wear the bracelet.
3. Live your life.

Do not wear your Pink String Bracelet in the swimming pool or on the beach. They should be removed prior to bathing or swimming. The chlorine in the pool and the salt water will fade the color of the cord.


• High quality biodegradeable cord

• 14-K gold-filled bead
• Adjustable bracelet
• Locally handmade
• Packaged with a bracelet description card
, gift box, paper bag & note card
• Biodegradable and compostable packaging to make shopping more sustainable.
• Cleansed and charged with positive intention

Gift Ideas:

• Holiday gift idea for friends and loved ones
• As a friendship bracelet
• Gift to self
• As a meaningful corporate giveaway
• Bridesmaids gifts
• Part of a wedding loot
• Birthdays
• Pink-themed party giveaway
• Great as a souvenir or pasalubong
• To commemorate a special occasion

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