Care Instructions For Fashion/Costume Jewelry

Fashion/Costume Jewelry can last for years if proper care is given to it. With that said, learning how to preserve them is one of the keys to keeping them beautiful. 

1. Keep Your Fashion Jewelry Dry And Tarnish Free

Do not do dishes, bathe, do laundry or even go swimming with your costume jewelry. Why? Many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that will change the color of your fashion jewelry when they come into contact with it. The chlorinated water in a swimming pool can react with the metals in your fashion/costume jewelry causing them to change color or begin to rust.

2. Do Not Use Jewelry Cleaner On Fashion/Costume Pieces

Jewelry cleaners made for authentic silver, gold or platinum jewelry pieces are way too harsh for fashion/costume jewelry. This is because, fashion jewelry is usually plated with (not made out of) these precious metals. The harsh chemical in your jewelry cleaner will therefore further ruin your beloved fashion piece.

3. Let Your Jewelry Be The Last Thing On And The First Thing Off

This means that your jewelry should be put on after you've put on all of your clothing, lotions and perfume and removed first when taking off your clothes. Doing this will ensure that your jewelry does not come into contact with your skincare, beauty products and perfume which can also contribute to tarnishing or a change in color of your costume piece. We advise to remove all jewelry before taking your clothes off.

4. Store Your Fashion/Costume Jewelry Correctly

We highly recommend storing costume/fashion jewelry in AIR TIGHT containers when not in use. Make sure that all the air is squeezed out to prevent oxidization.

5. Clean Your Fashion/Costume Jewelry Before Storing Them

Keep your fashion/costume jewelry looking fresh and fabulous by cleaning them with basic soap and warm water and then wiping them clean and patting them completely dry before storing them. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Add a tiny bit of dish liquid detergent to a soft bristled tooth brush.
Step 2: Run a bit of warm water over the toothbrush.
Step 3: Gently scrub away any smudges or grime.
Step 4: Rinse/wipe away with a cloth dipped in plain water.
Step 5: Lay the jewelry on a clean, soft cloth and wipe/pat dry.
Step 6: Store jewelry pieces in an air tight bag and seal the bag tightly.



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