Cleansing & Programming

How to Cleanse, Charge, & Program Your Gemstone Bracelets

Many people begin their relationship with a new gemstone by cleansing it first.  Cleansing can also be performed at any time to refresh the crystal, clear it of any unwanted energies, and “re-charge” it. Crystals and gemstones bracelets should be cleansed of stagnant and negative energy before they are used and after a period of regular use. There are many ways of cleansing and charging your String Gemstone Bracelets, here are our top 5 recommendations:

1. Moonlight Cleansing

The moon can be used for cleansing and charging. One of the best times to cleanse and charge crystals and gemstones is on the New Moon and Full Moon of every month as the moon and planetary energies are more intense and amplified.

Easy peasy: Place your crystal in the direct light of the moon. If you don't have an outdoor space, just place the gemstones on a piece of clean wood or a wooden tray by a windowsill or balcony and leave it overnight.

2. Cleansing Crystals with a Singing Bowl

Singing bowls have been used since ancient times for therapy, healing, and meditation. They are designed to create a long-lasting and powerful vibration. Singing bowls are similar to bells and create a soothing sound which can help quiet your mind. The pure and gentle vibrations created by singing bowls can also help remove the stubborn energy that may become settled in your crystals.

First thing's first: NEVER place crystals and gemstone bracelets inside a singing bowl to cleanse them. Not only will this dull or offset the sound but it could damage the stones. The gemstones will vibrate inside the bowl against the metal and any other stones which could chip, crack or break them. Bottom line, think of the singing bowl as a musical instrument and not as a vessel. In some cases, Tibetan monks would place a piece of paper with written intentions or water inside the singing bowl for meditation and healing.

Here's how:

1. Place your singing bowl on its cushion or rubber and onto a flat surface. You can also rest the base of the bowl on your palm.
2. Place your crystals and/or gemstones bracelets around the outside of the cushion and singing bowl.
3. Gently strike the side of the singing bowl with the stick, so that it emits a ringing sound.
4. Gently but firmly rub the outside of the bowl with the side of the stick in a steady clockwise direction. This should keep the ringing going.
5. Keep rubbing the singing bowl for a few rounds with intention. Stop when you feel this is done.

If you have never used a singing bowl before it can take a little getting used to. You can practice until you are more comfortable if you want.

You can also cleanse a lot of gemstones at once using a brass, Tibetan, or crystal singing bowl with a wooden mallet.

3. Cleansing With Smudging

Smudging is an ancient cleansing method used in many cultures to cleanse items, rooms, and other things of negative energy. Alternative health practitioners believe that surrounding crystals with smoke and letting the crystals pass through the smoke helps cleanse them.

This method, which is believed to work for all kinds of crystals, requires the following approach:

  • Use a sage stick, sandalwood, cedar, or Palo Santo ("Holy Wood") to create smoke. 
  • Allow the sacred smoke to surround your gemstones. 
  • Smoke carries low or negative energies away from the crystal, which helps raise the vibrational energy of the crystal.

4. Cleansing Using Other Crystals

Selenite and Quartz are examples of crystals that remove negative and stagnant energy from gemstones. Selenite is a crystal that never needs to be cleansed, as it transforms and transmutes negative energy. Simply set your gemstone bracelet on top of a selenite plate or a handful of selenite stones, and leave for six hours to overnight.

5. Cleansing Using A Smudge Spray

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to cleanse your gemstone bracelets and space, then doing so with smudge spray (liquid form) is a great choice.

Program Your Gemstones

After cleansing your gemstone bracelets, you will need to program them. Generally, crystals are neutral and they need direction to properly work for you. If not programmed properly, they may amplify the unwanted energies in your life. With effective and clear programming, your crystals can help support your mental and physical health and well-being.

  • To begin, first cleanse your crystal using one or more of the methods described above.
  • Once your gemstone bracelet is cleansed, place it in your hand and take deep breaths.
  • Express your intentions and connect with your highest vibration.
  • Ask your gemstones to let go of all the unwanted negative energy.
  • Command the crystal to hold on to your positive intentions and energies.
  • End the programming process by saying "thank you". 

Embrace the ritual of cleansing, charging and programming your gemstone bracelets for a harmoniuos, joyful and abundant life.




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