Luck & Protection
Red String Bracelet

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Red String Bracelet
For Luck & Protection

The Red String Bracelet is worn as a symbol of good fortune, prosperity and protection.

How to use:
Wear the Red String Bracelet on your left wrist (receptive hand) to receive luck & protection against negative energies and evil.

Do not wear your Red String Bracelet in the swimming pool or on the beach. It should be removed prior to bathing or swimming as the chlorine in the pool and the salt water will fade the color of the cord.

Product Details:

• High quality imported biodegradeable cord

• Locally handmade
• Adjustable bracelet
• Unisex bracelet
• Biodegradable and compostable packaging to make shopping more sustainable.

Gift ideas:

• As a friendship bracelet
• Gift to self
• Holiday gift idea
• Serves as a distance bracelet (buy two, one for you and one for your loved one)
• As a meaningful corporate giveaway
• Bridesmaids gifts
• Part of a wedding loot
• Birthdays
• Red-themed party favor
• Use it as a fundraising bracelet
• To commemorate a special occasion

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